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Part design, Mold Design and material selection are important when you are considering overmolding plastic parts.

An overmolded plastic part can aid in wide range of functional and structural uses. Utilizing two separate injection molds, materials can be bonded together through the injection molding process to enhance the cosmetic looks and/or functionality of your finished plastic parts.

A wide range of materials are capable of being overmolded, including both hard and soft plastic resins. When you choose to overmold your parts most often you can reduce your overall investment by reducing added assembly processes and reduce extra material needed to manufacture your custom parts.

Often product developers find that harder plastics may require softer qualities. Handles, knobs and cases are often overmolded with soft, non-slip grips that make products more comfortable and easier to handle.

Overmolded plastic parts have a very wide range of uses and applications in a variety of end consumer products.

Careful consideration and planning must be conducted from the concept phase and well into prototyping ensuring the right materials for the overmolded parts are chosen.

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