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Plastic paving grids gravel driveway grid diamond Grid for mine/golf/car parking

Group 123 Plastic Grids
Min. Order 1 square meter
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Update Time 2018-05-09
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Prroducts NamePlastic paving grids
Loadingover 100tons
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Plastic paving grids gravel driveway grid diamond Grid for mine/golf/car parking
Diamond Grids
Our Grids(Branded123) was originally designed for use on farms for solving problems with muddy areas on their properties, everything from muddy cattle yards to muddy driveways. The solution was easy, stabilise the ground and develop a drainage system, better still, design one product that does both! 

1000x1000x40mm and 560x900x40mm
The grid size is 44x44mm, 
It can fit 5-15mm of the gravel, and our plastic grid is very strong, can load over 1000tons.
Installation Guides
It's very easyto install, as you can see from above pictures.
123 Grid’s easy locking system is simple to install and can be moved if you decide to re-locate your shed. The plastic pavers interlock and be configured to create a floor for any shed – no matter the shape or size. Relatively lightweight and easy to move, installation is simply a matter of laying the pavers down over levelled ground. A layer of gravel is then spread over the top; the grid design ensures the gravel is contained, meaning your floor remains flat and even.
And if you decide to re-locate or extend your shed? Unlike concrete that is only suited to single-use, our pavers can be easily removed or added to if necessary.
The unique design of 123 Grid allows you to build attractive driveways with decorative pebbles by stabilising the fill so that it does not migrate, even in areas subject to constant traffic or repeat wheel tracking and turning. The product is also effective in ensuring that different fills do not mix together, erode or wash away. Diamond Grid is easily laid without framework and the grids do not crack or separate over time like concrete, bitumen or paving.
Every horse owner is well aware of the time it takes to keep stables clean; it’s an ongoing task. Maintaining the desired level of cleanliness is often hampered by poor drainage, as this leads to mud and/or bedding that needs to be constantly replaced.
123 Grid mesh flooring is the ideal solution for stables where drainage is a problem. A self-draining grid system that reduces your ongoing bedding costs, it’s ideal for a wide range of equestrian facilities.
The areas around water and feed troughs are always wet and muddy and 123 Grid solves the problem by creating a well-drained solid surface for both horse and human. The grids also allow the animals to easily eat any spilt feed. 123 Grid is great for:
• protecting ground against erosion;
• improving drainage; and
• reinforcing surfaces to ensure durability against heavy loads and constant use.
123 Grid can be easily installed with grass, gravel or road base filling to form a surface that is water permeable.
123 Grid is perfect for stabilizing golf cart tracks and pathways, protecting them from becoming boggy, or being eroded away.
123 Grid introduces a new generation in all weather arena surfaces. Effective even in intrepid weather conditions, Diamond Grid offers a stable and long lasting equine exercise surface.
123 Grid eliminates the ongoing expense of road maintenance crews and machinery and provide a safe and durable surface.
Professional manufacturer of asphalt machines. Our sales and R&D team have over 10 years’ experience to focus on asphalt distributor, synchronous pavement surface vehicles and other road machinery and equipment. Based on innovation
123 Grid is perfect for stabilising drains and trenches, protecting them from becoming boggy or being eroded away. Deep drains and trenches are protected by the grids, which support the structure of the drain and allow the water to flow through without washing away the sides of the drain. The grids are also suitable for shallow drains and trenches which are covered with grasses and small plants. The grids support the root structures while still effectively allowing the water to flow through.
123 Grid can be used as a top surface on haul roads to prevent pot holes, corrugation and erosion on road edges.The grids reduce downtime, and help reduce labour and machinery costs compared to using concrete. They also reduce the costs of running a grader to repair roads.
123 Grid allows you to build car parks that are attractive, environmentally friendly, economical and can withstand use in areas with high traffic and heavy loads. Grids are easily laid without framework and do not crack or separate like concrete or paving over time. Rather than setting up drainage areas around the grids, all water drains directly through them.

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