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PP suspending interlock floor

Group Sports Flooring
Min. Order 1 square meter
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Update Time 2018-05-08
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Products NameSports flooring
Material100% new PP
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PP suspending interlock floor

Longxiang Group Limited is founded in 2004, has focused on the research development, production, marketing
and service for plastics, as one of the professional sports flooring high-tech enterprises

Established in 2004, Longxiang is the international brand, which officially passed the National registered Trademark
certification in 2004, becoming the pioneer of the first-class sports flooring in China. The brand new soft texture
sports flooring of Longxiang Breaks the concept of traditional ones. Adopting the modified innovative material
We create a new soft sports flooring with excellent sport performance. users can have the best movement protection
and experience teeling.


1. Eco friendly. 10%6 recycled food grade safety materials

2. Optional: styles varied and color

3. Self drainage mesh athletic surface g solid top design

4. Unsurpassed Sports Performance: unique patented structure designs

5. Wear& Skid Resistant: vertical and lateral shock absorption for player safety

Food-grade Green Recyclable Modified Polypropylene (PP)
Soft & Resilient
Ball Rebound
Rolling Load
Pass (No damage for a single floor to uniformly bear the 15KN pressure test per minute.)
Coefficient of Sliding Friction
Shock Absorption
Ambient Temperature Range:
Load Bearing Capacity
UV Resistant Test (8000hrs)
Surface Appearance:
The color is uniform; surface is without cracks or scars , upper surface is free of flashing or burr
Outdoor or indoor sports courts; swimming pool, kindergarten, backyard, etc.
Why choose Longxiang?
1. Self developed and patented products, more eco-friendly and lighter in weight.
2. Cost effective: consumption of materials will cut by 10%-15%.
3. Lower maintenance and excellent after-sales services.
4. Tested by authoritative organizations and quality guaranteed.
5. More stable and longer service life in all weather conditions.
6. One-stop service available: from project design to construction abroad.
7. Customer oriented operating philosophy.
8. Contributes to energy conservation, environment protection, sustainable development and pioneers in industry.

1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are manufacturer with our own facilities and warehouse.

2. Can I customize my court size, color and logo?
Yes! We can do court design, make plastic mold, and injection the parts by us

3. Can you draw the court lines for me? 
Yes! Auto lines marking service at factory is available for customers.

4. Can you provide warranty?
Yes! We provide 5 years' quality warranty and 10 years' backup support.

5. Can I get your samples?
Yes! Longxiang offers freight charged samples for the first time customers.

6. How to start an order?
Send inquiry→Choose product model and color→Confirm Invoice and Payment method→Pay deposit for goods preparation→Pay balance before delivery→Shipping arrangement→Goods receipt
                        Models                                                                                  Applications
 Model: VHA-252513 
Size: 250X250X13MM
Material: PP
Lifetime: 10 Years
Features: safety/Healthy/Durable
Color: White Black Red Blue Orange Yellow Green
Packing Quantity: 160 PCS
arton Size(L×W×H):103cmX52.5cm×27cm
Volume: 0.146 CBM
20GP Number(BOX)CTNS: 180 ctn/1814.4sq.m
40'gp Number(BOX)CTNS: 385 ctn/3880.8sqm
40'hq Number(BOX)CTNS: 445 ctn/4485.6sq m
Net Weight/BOX: 38.4 KGS 
Gross Weight/BOX: 41. 5 KGS

Mig Pattern(VHA-252513) is the professionals choice for outdoor playground for kindergarten. 100% polyurethane materials make the flooring gentle and not easily destroy
 Model: VSA-303010
Size: 305X305X10MM
Material: PP
Lifetime: 10years
Features soft/safety/Healthy/Durable
Color: White Black Red Blue Orange Yellow Green
Packing Quantity: 90 PCS
Carton Size(L×V×H):94cm×63cm×23.5cm
Volume: 0.139 CBM
20GP Number(BOX)CTNS: 190 ctn/1590.3sq m
40'gp Number(BOX)CTNS: 405 ctn/3389.85sqm
40 HQ Number(BOX)CTNS: 470 ctn/39339sq.m
Net Weight/BOX: 33 KGS
Gross Weight/BOX: 35 KGS

Diamond Pattern(VSA-303010) is widely used for high elasticity and cushion, multilayer structure,make the flooring more flexible and cushion, which help for althletic's performance and prevent injuries. Advanced surface texture design can help the ball rebound rate and friction obtain an excellent configuration

 Model: VHD-252513 
Size: 250X250X13MM
Material: PP
Lifetime: 10years
Features: safety/Healthy/Durable
Color: White Black Red Blue Orange Yellow Green
Packing Quantity: 160 PCS
arton Size(L×WxH):103cm×52.5cm×27cm
Volume: 0.146 CBM
20GP Number(BOX)CTNS: 180 ctn/1814.4sq. m
40'gp Number( BOX)CTNS: 385 ctn/3880.8sqm
40'hq Number(BOX)CTNS: 445 ctn/4485.6sqm
Net Weight/BOX: 40 KGS
Gross Weight/BOX: 41.5 KGS

Grain Pattern(VHD-252513) is the professional choice for indoor ground and office area. Ideal for walkway require sound absorption and heavy traffic places. It is easy to clean and put away.

Model: VHA-303015

Size: 305X305X15MM
Material: PP
Lifetime: 10years
Features: safety/Healthy/Durable
Color: White O Black Red O Blue Orange Yellow Green
Packing Quantity: 90 PCS
arton Size(L×W×H):94Cm×63cm×23.5cm
Volume: 0.139 CBM
20 GP Number(BOX)CTNS: 190 ctn/1590. 3sqm
40'gp Number(BOX)CTNS: 405 ctn/3389.85sqm.
40'hq Number(BOX)CTNS: 470 ctn/39339sq. m.
Net Weight/BOX: 27 KGS
Gross Weight/BOX: 28.69 KGS

Lattice Pattern(VHA-303015) is widely used for nursing homes, kindergarten, Disabled Activity Center and so on. The interlock design would reduce injuries caused by side-direction movements like scram and turn-back, etc. Hardness and color could be customized according to the requirement.

 Model: VHB-252513 
Size: 250X250X13MM
Material: PP
Lifetime: 10 Years
Features: safety/Healthy/Durable
Color: White Black Red Blue Orange Yellow Green
Packing Quantity: 160 PCS
arton Size(L×W×H):103cm×52.5cm×27cm
Volume: 0.146 CBM
20GP Number(BOX)CTNS: 180 ctn/1814.4sq.m
40'gp Number(BOX)CTNS: 385 ctn/3880. 8sqm
40'hq Number(BOX)CTNS: 445 ctn/4485.6sqm.
Net Weight/BOX: 27.2 KGS
Gross Weight/BOX: 28.7 KGS

Sunflower Pattern(VHB-252513) is widely used for outdoor playground, sport field, exercise park, runway and so on. The raised stud surface reduce slip for safety. Excellent resistance of water and slippery. Good looking and protective functions.

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